The Urban League of Greater Richmond pledges to responsibly commit time and talent to ensure that our community is empowered to achieve the Jobs, Health, Education and Housing goals by operating various programs and services geared at helping the community prosper and flourish. Below is a listing of some of the Urban League of Greater Richmond programs and services that follow the pledge I AM EMPOWERED.  
Employment & Workforce Development Program 

Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits.

Adult employment – The Employment & Workforce Development program provides an array of employment opportunities to individuals seeking employment, career changes, job readiness and technical skills training, as well as employers who wish to recruit qualified employees to fill vacancies within the work place.
Jobs Rebuild America 
The Strategy Behind Jobs Rebuild America
Changing America's Job Landscapeby Creating New Opportunities 
8 Point Plan: Educate, Employ & Empower
Community Health Programs and Outreach


Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions.
The Urban League of Greater Richmond Community Health Programs and Outreach: promotes healthy lifestyles and disease prevention through community education, health and wellness fairs, and is geared to enhance awareness of health and healthcare issues, events and advocacy efforts in the community.